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4th January 2018

Tips and Trends for your 2018 Teepee and Sperry Tent Wedding and Events

Happy New Year! We’re so excited for 2018 and can’t wait to see what this year’s Teepee and Sperry Tent wedding & events will bring. In this blog post, Toria of Arrow & Twine – a contemporary wedding design and styling service, gives us a sneak peek of what we can expect from the season’s decor and event details with your 2018 tips and trends…

Whilst December is clearly a time for Christmas, snow and woolly hats, it is also the month during which Pantone makes its annual ‘Colour of the Year’ announcement. Cue many an excited noise from wedding industry suppliers and engaged couples alike – especially when the colour is as dramatic and provocative as 2018’s choice.

Ultra Violet, as its name implies, is daring, visionary, with a touch of the rebellious. It makes for a more thoughtful, explorative vibe than last year’s colour choice – Greenery, even if it is difficult to see how the floristry implications of 2017’s hue will disappear overnight when couples have embraced the world of foliage hook, line, and sinker!

With the announcement of such a complex colour for next year, some couples may be wondering how they can incorporate it into their day, without it becoming garish or overpowering. The good news is that with some of the trends gaining traction for 2018, it may be easier than you think. Here are our five suggestions on how to embrace Ultra Violet whilst remaining true to your own style.

Ultra Violet: Pantone colour of the year 2018

 Coloured candles

With couples becoming tired of the traditional white candles – tapered, pillar, or tealight – there is scope for a broader range of candle colour to penetrate the wedding scene. And purple is poised to be part of this trend. From softer lilacs and lavenders to the blue-based purple of Ultra Violet itself, candle companies in the UK are now offering a greater spectrum of shades to suit the design of your day. Even if you prefer that the lighting on your tables remain classic white, or neutral, there is the option to use coloured candles during the evening element of your day. Adding clusters of these on the wine barrel poseur tables from the list of PapaKåta’s finishing touches is the perfect way to introduce the party atmosphere.

Image by Lucas Rossi Photography

Layered linens

Previously, it was not uncommon to attend a wedding with white tablecloths and white napkins. Nowadays, couples are being far more adventurous in their linen choices and opting for colour. In 2018, this element will up-level once again, with couples opting for tablecloths and runners, or even laser-cut table toppers or placemats. Even if you are embracing the farmhouse luxe feel of wooden tables and chairs, a dusty lavender table runner can still add a layer of texture, without hiding the beauty of the natural material of the table. Alternatively, a lightweight grey or lilac silk runner, or one made of sheer cotton, will allow you to bring colour and depth, without losing the authenticity that wooden furniture can bring to your day.

Ultra Violet inspiration dream team with stationery by Bureau Design, linens by Lancaster & Cornish and florals by Jay Archer and Hannah Berry Flowers

Ultra Violet inspiration dream team with stationery by Bureau Design, linens by Lancaster & Cornish and florals by Jay Archer and Hannah Berry Flowers

Moody blooms

Florals are about to receive a more complex, darker and textured facelift for 2018. This is perfect for including Ultra Violet and other hues from Pantone’s suggested colour harmonies. Mauves, greeny-greys, or strong berry-like colours, in particular, will complement the nuances of Ultra Violet and work perfectly together in any of your floristry elements, from bouquets to a hanging installation. Broken up with softer greenery on PapaKåta’s floral hoops, these colours would be eye-catching in all the right ways.

PapaKåta Sperry Tent with Ultra Violet florals shot by Anneli Marinovich Photography

PapaKåta Sperry Tent with Ultra Violet florals shot by Anneli Marinovich Photography

Dressy entertainment

Everyone loves a party, and your wedding is likely to be the biggest party you will ever throw. As couples look for new and innovative ways to entertain their guests and to offer an incredible experience, the number of components to the day is set to increase in 2018. With this in mind, cohesion can become hard to maintain. Using colour as a way to ground the day and create a ‘thread’ throughout all areas ensures that guests are aware of all the elements they can participate in. To include all vendors, look for ways to mark them out with the colour of the year: your guests definitely will not miss them! Something as simple as a small-scale boutonnière for each of the suppliers will mean they feel part of the day and complement your choice of colour and décor.

PapaKåta Teepee Wedding with Ultra Violet details shot by Kate Waters Photography

PapaKåta Teepee Wedding with Ultra Violet details shot by Kate Waters Photography

Sealed stationery

Perhaps in the past, it might have seemed ostentatious to create a wax seal for your wedding stationery suite. In recent years, however, there is a growing tendency towards freedom of expression, creating room to add in artistic details like this. Ultra Violet is all about being inventive and about individual expression, up-levelling stationery is part of this movement. If the colour of the year is too strong for your colour palette, look to deeper hues and metallics instead, or be bold and dramatic with heavily pigmented reds and pinks. And feel free to use it throughout the day in various guises: in signage, in place settings. With a venue as diverse as a Teepee or Sperry Tent, there are so many opportunities to include signage to help your guests navigate the day.

 Most importantly? Enjoy Ultra Violet! This colour is meant to be about originality, which is perfect for the blank canvas nature of your Sperry Tent or Teepee wedding. As a final tip: make sure to include a diverse colour palette in the design of your day to prevent you from edging into the Milk Tray look (as this colour has the potential to do in the wrong hands!)

 Thank you so much to Arrow & Twine, we look forward to seeing how Toria’s tips for integrating Pantone’s colour of the year Ultra Violet make it into your Teepee and Sperry Tent weddings and events in 2018!


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