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We’ve created a bespoke scent to lock the happy memory of your event into your mind forever.

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Share the love candle

Share the love by PapaKåta

We believe that PapaKåta were put on this earth to create the most amazing lifelong memories for our clients and by using scent we can revisit those memories and the people who shaped them.

Created from the highest quality natural soy wax blend, with the purest possible essential oils, our signature scent combines three essential oils most suited to embedding feelings of joy and happiness.

Pomegranate: Stimulating
Luscious, with a warming embrace

Grapefruit: Uplifting
A splash of freshness, like morning dew

Ylang Ylang: Relaxing & Aphrodisiac
Delicate & as floral as a spring meadow

The twinkle of candlelight illuminating happy faces. Soft reindeer skins and the flickering warmth of the fire. Precious memories that will last a lifetime. When you book your Papa event with us we’ll send you your very own candle to say ‘thank you’.

Burn the candle as you plan your event, with your family and friends, and finally on the day of your wedding or celebration. Long afterwards, as soon as the scent is released you’ll be transported back to the wonderful memories you created under the stars.

So breathe in and share the love.


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At PapaKåta we work with experts who share our passion for quality and style, to develop beautiful products that will embed the most precious memories in your mind through scent. Once you have fully enjoyed your beautiful candle, you can keep sharing the love…

Why not burn them on your tables for your guests to enjoy, or give them as unique wedding favours? Our candles also make the perfect gift for bridesmaids or take-home momentos for corporate events. Or if you are a guest at a PapaKåta wedding, surprise the bride and groom with a truly personal gift.

Our candles are lovingly hand poured in England. Each candle is 220g with one wick, allowing you to enjoy up to 40 hours of burn time and memory creation. Each candle costs £25 including postage and packaging.

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